Hired Belly’s Bucket List: 30+ Kiwi Wines You Won’t Want to Spit

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30+ Kiwi wines you won't want to spit Wine tastings can be a gruelling affair—especially when there are several hundred wines in the room. Spitting is a necessity—though not always easy. In November we visited almost all of the wineries who've come to Vancouver and were impressed above all by the consistency and [...]

The Okanagan Wine Tour Guide: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

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—John Schreiner’s latest Okanagan wine guide If anyone’s even thinking about opening a new winery in BC, chances are John Schreiner knows about it. Schreiner’s Okanagan Wine Tour Guide—edition no. 3—comes out May 1 (Whitecap $19.99). If you’re serious about keeping up with BC’s ever changing wine scene, it’s a ‘must have.’ We’ve known and [...]

Bao Bei, Vancouver: Small Plates as ‘Petits Plats Chinois’

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Steak tartar like never before Vancouver’s Chinatown has fallen on rough times these last few years, its once unique shopping eclipsed by Richmond’s glitzy malls. Even our foraging finds us more often at T&T’s live seafood bar than the eminently more interesting fishmongers on Gore and Pender. Until now, with the exception perhaps [...]

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