Argentina: Work Horse Wines Deliver Value

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  Argentina in the spotlight Argentina is this month's focus at BC Liquor Stores. Special deals and free tastings celebrate the South American producer through September 2nd. It’s interesting how Argentina continues to broaden its appeal beyond Malbec—although, there’s no arguing with the success of the country’s favourite grape. Known for producing soft and supple [...]

How a New Canadian Discovered and Appreciated BC Wine

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In honour of Canada's 150th! My good friend Rick Van Sickle ( asked me to contribute to his #CanadaWINE150 project. I was happy to oblige ...   When I first arrived in Montreal, I was amazed to see how liquor was sold. Going to the SAQ in those days was more like going to an [...]

Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards 2017 Winners: a Unique Contest

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The Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in BC Wine is unique among wine competitions. Nowhere else, as far as I know, does a panel of judges work so hard to whittle down 486 entries to just 12 wines. (Although, Ontario stages a similar contest, which is modeled on BC’s.) The contest has grown considerably as [...]

Howard Soon, an Okanagan Legend, Retires (for now)

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Howard Soon has just announced he's retiring from his job as Master Winemaker at Andrew Peller Estates, aka Calona Wines, Sandhill, Red Rooster ... and so on. I figure it’s a really good time to tell the truth about Howard. He’s one of the most sincere people you’ll ever meet in the wine industry—an industry [...]

New District: Making the Case for Interesting Wine

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Update: The New District 2017 Wine Advent Calendar For the wine lover in your life who thinks they have everything, consider ND’s iconic Wine Advent Calendar—the calendar that started it all! “For the third year, we are delighted to offer our highly-anticipated, exclusive wine advent calendar. The 2017 Wine Advent Calendar features 24 full-sized bottles [...]

Amovino: It’s How to Say ‘I Love Wine’

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Amovino is the name of a new agency making its mark on the BC wine scene. It’s the brainchild of Jessica Luongo and Marisa Varas. They're a couple of smart, young women who decided to pool their experience and resources. I’ve been following this new enterprise with interest. I got to know Jessica Luongo during [...]

6 Good Value Wines to Celebrate Malbec World Day

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Malbec is emblematic of Argentina. Every wine region has its own, ‘signature’ wine or style, blend or variety. The Germans remain Riesling champions of the world. Italy’s Veneto lays claim to the uniqueness of apassimento and Amarone. The Chileans still care about Carmenere (though less so, perhaps, these days). And the French have a lock [...]

D’Oro Gelato Scoops #VIWF Vintners Brunch

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D'Oro Gelato: A moment in the sun Vintners Brunch is a bit like that favourite item on a restaurant menu. It might feel a little bit dated. Maybe it needs a freshen up now and again. However, tweak it too much and you’ll be in trouble. What's more, for the lucky few (well, 450 or [...]

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