Excuse Us … But How Does Flatulence Figure Into Your Diet?

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Even though Vancouver prides itself on being a forward thinking dining scene (and has no end of choice and variety to prove that point), introducing new tastes and ingredients can still be a challenge. Just ask Mark Hills. He’s the founder of Hills Foods, which has been single-handedly elevating The Game Game in Vancouver since [...]

Rediscovering Good Pub Food at Vancouver’s St. Regis Hotel

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Recently we broke bread (and sipped some excellent '05 Burrowing Owl Cab) with Jeremy Roncoroni.  He’s the dynamo behind Vancouver’s St. Regis Hotel (602 Dunsmuir St., 604-681-1135), who’s been busy turning that property into one of the city’s most successful boutique business properties. How successful? You should check out what guests are saying [...]

Vancouver’s L’Abattoir: Gastown’s newest destination

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Tuned up heritage bar and dining lounge adds up to historic district's latest lively lure L'Abattoir's bar has a real buzz—and great tastes too, Tim Pawsey photo Walk into Gastown’s newest star, L’Abattoir (217 Carrall St., 604-568-1701) and the first person you’ll likely meet is Shaun Layton, who runs everything bar-wise here.  Shaun is [...]

BC Spot Prawns Have Foodies Hopping

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BC Spot Prawns—in season for just about eight weeks - Tim Pawsey photo This is the time of year (May through June) when the whole of Vancouver (and just about everywhere else on the BC coast) goes crazy for Spot Prawns. That should come as no surprise. Get ‘em fresh off the boat [...]

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