Tea as a food pairing or culinary ingredient is also growing in popularity

Tea is on my mind this week, following a chat and tasting with tea ambassador Louise Roberge. As president of the Tea Council of Canada, Roberge knows a thing of two about tea. Not only that but she was recently proclaimed Tea ‘Man’ of the Year at a prestigious global convention in China. I’ll confess […]


Had a Glass 2016: Ten Years On

by Tim Pawsey on November 18, 2015

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Had a Glass: More wine deals than you might imagine possible

Talk to anyone who works in the wine world and you’ll find a common thread pops up. When people find out what you do, most will ask for a recommendation: “So, what’s a good wine?”…  “What can I buy that won’t break the bank?” What they’re looking for, above all, is Bang for their Buck. […]


Timber bison burger with house made ketchup fries. It's wicked!

Timber: Opening November 22nd. 10 a.m. Timber is the latest undertaking by the crew behind Forage restaurant, in the spacious Listel Hotel quarters that used to be O’Doul’s. The saga behind long running O’Doul’s demise, Forage’s ascent, and now the arrival of  Timber has a few twists but here’s the short version. When O’Doul’s was […]


A blind tasting of bubbles

Cava, Proseccco, Spumante, Sekt, Cap Classique.  There’s no end of monikers for effervescent efforts that mimic Champagne—even if in Canada we’ve yet to come up with our own handle beyond, truly riveting, ‘Methode Traditionelle.’  The fact is: Champagne and sparkling wine sales are booming just about everywhere. That’s good news for consumers, who are benefiting […]


Joe Fortes Marks a Milestone

Joe Fortes: pulling out all the stops

They threw a heck of a party last night at Joe Fortes—and rightly so. Hitting the 30 year mark in a dining city as fickle as Vancouver certainly merits an occasion. There are all kinds of reasons to celebrate, so I thought it worthy of a post. It pays to remember what Vancouver was like […]

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5+ Reasons to Hit the Kamloops Wine Trail

View of the northern benches and Lions Head Vineyard from Monte Creek Ranch, Kamloops

British Columbia’s wineries continue to push the boundaries, opening up new areas previously not deemed capable of ripening grapes. A decade ago, if you’d suggested to anyone that Kamloops would be on the verge of becoming B.C.’s newest wine region, chances are you would have elicited a look of disbelief – if not an outright […]

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BC Craft Cider: Apples to Apples and More

Adge Cutler & the Wurzels: cider fueled comedy and a legend in his time (Courtesy Wikipedia)

I’ll admit it: I have a soft spot for cider. While I wasn’t exactly weaned on it, growing up in Somerset, in England’s West Country, cider was pretty hard to ignore. And I do recall my first encounter with Scrumpy quite vividly—well, almost. The West Country is filled with cider related legends, including the likes […]

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Blue Grouse: A Landmark Winery Reborn

The impressive, new Blue Grouse tasting room and winery enjoys a south facing aspect overlooking the Cowichan Valley

  It was over a couple of decades ago that I first went to Blue Grouse and met its founder, viticulturist and winemaker, Hans Kiltz. German by birth, Hans is a perfectionist, someone who never does things by half measures. And that is probably the main reason why Blue Grouse has long enjoyed a reputation […]

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In Search of the Perfect Oyster Wine

Joseph Mellot Sancerre—the perfect match

We’re seriously back on our oyster kick, after the long drought that saw oyster sales banned due to the risk of Vibrio Vulnificus. That’s the disease that oysters carry which can cause serious food poisoning, which in some cases can be fatal. While I’m not crazy about Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s insistence that restaurants print raw […]

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Bodega on Main: A Worthy Salute

Patatas Bravas and Gambas—tapas mainstays for over 40 years

Some restaurants just strike a chord. That’s very much the case with Bodega on Main, which has recently arrived almost right beside Campagnolo. I’ll admit that I went to check it out with a mix of trepidation and curiosity. After all, the original La Bodega was the first restaurant I went to in Vancouver. And that was a […]

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